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When you look around your bathroom, all you see is clutter and no counter space whatsoever. If is estimated that the average American will spend one to one and a half years in the bathroom. Which means that you can’t afford for your bathroom to be cluttered, dirty, or disorganized. Before you decide to have bathroom renovations done in Loudon County read on below are some surefire signals that your bathroom is not making good use of the space that you have in it.

Towels Everywhere

If you walk into your bathroom, there are towels hanging from every available surface, and laying all over the floors, then you are obviously not making good use of the space that your bathroom offers. You should take advantage of the space on the walls and in the corners to get those towels up off the ground and neatly stowed away. A pretty basket can be a great resting place for freshly laundered towels. Placing hooks on the backs of doors and placing them strategically by the shower can be a great place to hang towels that are slightly damp from the shower.

Tubes and Bottles Everywhere

If you have half-empty shampoo bottles and tubes of lotion and lipstick laying all over your home, you can really tell that you are not using the space in your bathroom to your advantage. The first thing to do is get rid of the half-empty bottles and containers laying around your bathroom and put something up to store the tubes and bottles of lotions and things that you rarely ever use. If you have the room under your vanity, then you could store these things there. If you don’t, then you need to buy an over the toilet organizer that will help you put these things away until you need them again.

To Many Things in the Floor

If you have a small bathroom, things like waste cans, scales, and laundry hampers can take up to much floor space and impair movement around the bathroom. The key here is moving the items to another location. For example, if you can fit your waste can next to the toilet it will help you free up more space in the bathroom. If at all possible, take the laundry hamper and scales and put them in a hallway outside of the bathroom or in your bedroom instead. If you have too many things on the floor it will make your bathroom look crowded and can possibly cause anyone using the bathroom in the middle of the night to stumble and fall.

These are just three signs to help you determine if you are using the bathroom space to its full potential. From keeping towels off the floor to maximizing your bathroom floors space, you can be sure that following the tips above will help you to make your bathroom the sanctuary that it is meant to be.