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  For any style room addition we utilize the best materials and products. Over 20+ years as a North VA & Washington DC Remodeling Service Company we have licensed contractors, electricians, plumbers, designers, architects, 3D designers, and more. We do not sub-contract out work and have our own in-house team.
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Every project we embark on we ensure is completed all the way to the finish so you can truly enjoy and love where you live. Save yourself the hassle of a project gone wrong by working with proven designers and contractors with over 20 years combined experience that can deliver excellence and nothing less.
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We love helping people add practical space to their homes whether for living and entertainment, home business, exercise, or any other need. Contact our Virginia remodeling contractors with over 20 years experience designing and building gorgeous homes and room additions in the greater Metro DC area. We always allow our customers to contact previous customers of ours to ask about the work or to come see it themselves. We have served the greater Fairfax county area along with Arlington and Wash D.C.

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Everyone has ideas and goals for what they want to see and build in their homes. Rarely has anyone not mentioned having a particular item or type of room within their dream home. When you finally get the chance to design and build your dream home, you will need to make some plans and be sure to leave yourself time to figure out what you want and determine whether you really want those things or not. Once you have made decisions, you can get a rough timeframe for the project from a professional contractor; be sure that you do not rush the project though.

Gather Your Ideal Components
You have probably at one time or another told your spouse, your parents, your friends, or your siblings that you want such and such a room with such and such amenities and explained exactly why you want it that way. When it comes to building dream homes, you will need to start by gathering ideas about all of the components that you want to have in your dream home. Contemplate how many rooms and what themes will they have; then contemplate what sort of layout you want and what the yard would look like. You have to start big before you can move forward with the actual planning.

Reasonably Narrow Down the Keepers
After you have come up with your mile long list of things that you want in your dream home, you will need to determine what will actually work with each other and if you will be able to actually incorporate all of these things into one home. When building dream homes in the D.C. Metro area, you have to consider the amount of space your home will take up and factor in the property that it will be sitting on. It is easy to want and want, but eventually you have to determine what is actually feasible.

Time Frame for Professional
Once you have determined exactly what you want and brainstormed with the layout of your dream home, you can take your ideas to a contractor who can help you make the final blueprint. Talk to a company that is experienced in building dream homes in Montgomery County; this will allow a greater ability to give you want you want in the best way possible. After you and the contractor have gone over the blueprint and the necessary tasks involved, he can give you a period that will tell you how long it will take to complete your project.

Do not Rush Building
Do not be discouraged if the estimated period for construction is larger than you would have hoped for. When a company takes on the task of building dream homes, they should be committed to building the home to the owner’s set specifications and want to complete the home to the best of their skills. You do not want the contractor and his team to take advantage of a loose timetable, of course, but neither do you want to rush the work simply because it is taking longer than you would like; when a job is rushed, the quality of the work is lacking.

Given the opportunity to build your personal dream home, you will want to be planning quite a bit to plan for all of the involved work that will go into designing the home as well as the time for the actual construction. If you are worried about the timetable, talk to the contractor about what projects take the longest or most work. After talking to the contractor, you can determine if you are truly attached to a plan if you do not want to wait as long for it to be finished.