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We love helping people add practical space to their homes whether for living and entertainment, home business, exercise, or any other need. Contact our Virginia remodeling contractors with over 20 years experience designing and building gorgeous homes and room additions in the greater Metro DC area. We always allow our customers to contact previous customers of ours to ask about the work or to come see it themselves. We have served the greater Fairfax county area along with Arlington and Wash D.C.

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It’s time to update and transform your bathroom. You are tired of that boring look or that 70s theme that is still there. For those who are ready to update this space, one of the first things to take into consideration is color. The color combination created in any bathroom will set the tone for the space. You’ll need to think about what type of space you hope to create and then pull together pieces that help to make it happen. You can always work with a professional in bathroom renovations to help you to create a design that really works. However, a few tips can help you, too.
For the Modern Bathroom
For your bathroom renovation project, think about a modern look. To create this look, you will want to focus on using clean lines and geometric features. Modern bathrooms do not have to be a stark white like traditional bathroom spaces tend to be. You can choose pops of color to soften the modern lines, or you can use a unique color combination to create a sexy look. Black with accents of red or blue can be modern. Create a crisp, white space and then add in jewel tones for another version of a modern bathroom renovation.
Creating a Theme
Another way to use colors is to create a theme. Themes can be anything you desire. For a child’s bathroom, a princess or prince design, a pirate theme, or perhaps a ABC style may fit your needs. On the other hand, you can create a theme for any user. A beach theme with blues and sand colors works well. You can also play off a love of fish with blue and greens. On the other hand, you can use bright purple and zebra coloring to create a one-of-the-kind space.
How and Where to Add Color
Once you have a good idea about the theme or design of the space, it is time to consider ways to add color into the room. You can do this in dozens of ways. Here are a few tips:
Use a solid color for your bathroom tile. Then, add a bright colored tile every foot or so to create a pop of color.
Use colored tile or molding along the base of the bathroom floor for interest.
Paint the walls instead of tiling them all.
Use accessories to add additional color to a basic space, such as using various colored rugs, cabinetry hardware, and mirrors.
Don’t forget your lighting – you can use a variety of lamp or lighting fixtures to carry out your theme or color scheme.
Color should be present in the bathroom. Which colors you use is really up to your unique needs. For those planning a bathroom renovation in D.C. Metro, Fairfax County or Loudon County, it is always a great idea to work with a skilled, local contractor who specializes in high end projects like the one you hope to create.